Fuel Efficient Ford Vehicles

In recent years there has been a trend toward preserving the environment and that trend has crept its way into every facet of technology, including vehicle technology. Car companies must meet the high demand for fuel efficient vehicles and hybrids which save drivers gas and reduce their carbon footprint. In 2010 an amazing lineup of fuel efficient Ford vehicles was released that has many car shoppers in a frenzy. Not only are these vehicles great for saving gas and preserving the environment, but they come with great technology and safety features which make them a pleasure to drive.

The Fusion Hybrid and the Escape Hybrid are two of the most popular Ford vehicles for fuel efficiency. The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid can go over 700 miles between stops for gas and gets an EPA-estimated 34 mpg highway. Equipped with the SYNC In-car Connectivity System, the Fusion allows drivers hands-free access to mp3 music, mobile contacts, and Bluetooth devices. The SmartGauge Cluster with EcoGuide teaches you how to get the most out of your hybrid vehicle by helping you to increase your driving efficiency. The Escape Hybrid offers all of the benefits of an SUV along with outstanding fuel economy which reaches up to 44 mpg in full electric mode. In addition to the SYNC In-car Connectivity System, the Escape Hybrid also features SIRIUS satellite radio and a 10GB hard drive to store your personal music collection.

The Ford Focus Sedan is another favorite among new Ford vehicles which achieve excellent fuel efficiency. At 140 horsepower the Focus boasts 35 mpg and great performance. Not only is this vehicle fuel efficient, but even its seats are environmentally friendly made from bio-based foam. The Ford Taurus features the all-new 3.5 L EcoBoost direct injection V6 engine that achieves the fuel economy of a V6 engine and the performance of a V8. This vehicle is designed to inspire an athletic assertiveness with lines that convey power and agility. The Ford Taurus is definitely not your ordinary sedan.

No matter what type of vehicle you prefer to drive, the 2010 lineup of Ford vehicles has a little something for everyone. From the on-the-go mom who needs the cargo space and fuel efficiency of the Escape Hybrid to the young professional who likes the sleek design of the Fusion, anyone who tries out a Ford is sure to like it. Not only are the new Ford vehicles as powerful as ever, but they have all the fuel efficient and technological features any driver could ever dream of.